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It's a matter of pride!
Click on the W2S Logo above to access the Guardian Module Login Page

Web2School provides secure browser-based access for guardians and students to view grade and attendance information.  A guardian logging into the program sees only those students to whom the guardian is linked.  Students logging into the program can only see their own data.

Guardian access provides an additional method of communication between schools and guardians by giving them up-to-the-minute information on their children.  Student access provides information about assignments and daily grades extracted directly from teacher grade books.

Any academic issues should be directed to the teacher or your student's guidance counselor.  
To contact the teacher, click on their name in the "Assignments" page to email them.

MVMS W2S Guardian Access
Having a difficult time logging on to Web2School? A few things to try before calling:

Try logging on from a different computer. If you have success from another computer, then the problem is within the machine you were trying to log in with, usually a firewall that is blocking access or another program on that computer is conflicting with the system program.

Is your browser the most up-to-date version? If not, update your browser. The system seems to perform better using Mozilla Firefox, a free application you can download at www.mozilla.com.

System traffic is heaviest during the school day and between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. If you are trying to log on during the high-traffic hours, especially with dial-up, you are more likely to “time out”. Try connecting during “off-peak” times.

Because this program is a web-based application, if you have Internet connection, you should be able to use this program.

If you have tried without success to log in to W2S, and have tried the suggestions above, please contact Marla Miller at either 753-6336 or via email at mmiller@mv.k12.nh.us. Please include the following information if you are contacting through email: Name, address, type of Internet connection (DSL, cable, dial-up) and time of day you were trying to access W2S. This information will be forwarded to the IT department, who will use it to try and isolate the issue. Please be aware that this process could take several days to complete.


**For confidentiality purposes, we can not release any information via email or phone**
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Last Modified: Mar 21, 2011